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Saturday, 26 March 2011


How Barisan national lost the media war
March 23rd, 2011 | Author: Online Press, The Temasek Review.
Barisan Nasional’s apathy towards the use of the Internet was a major contributor to its losses in the recent general election, a new study revealed.
The study by Zentrum Future Studies Malaysia, conducted from Feb 20 to March 5 and involving 1,500 respondents aged between 21 and 50, showed that the alternative media had a big influence on voters.

Universiti Malaya Media Studies department senior lecturer Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah said in the recent election, BN lost in the “information war” due to its misjudgment on the importance of the alternative media.

“Young people are relying more on these new alternative media rather than the conventional ones like newspapers and television,” he said at a forum themed “Society and Media in the 2008 Election” yesterday.

In the study, 64.5 per cent of those aged from 21 to 30 years trusted blogs and online media for reliable information compared with 23.1 per cent who relied on the television and only 12.4 per cent on newspapers.

Of those between 31 and 40 years, 61.7 per cent believed that the information in the blogs and online media was true while 23.5 trusted the television and 14.8 per cent the newspapers.

But the older generation, those who are from 41 to 50 years old, seemed to trust the traditional media more than the new media.

“Realising how powerful the new media is, the opposition parties have used the opportunity since 1998 when the Internet started to penetrate the country.
“In the mid 2000, the opposition had more than 7,500 blogs and websites while the government had only three,” said Abu Hassan who is also a researcher for the study.
Newspaper columnist Datuk Johan Jaafar felt there was a need to have a critical thinking to deal with these new modern media.
“This is a new influence that we need to carefully think of.”
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I could not agree more. Majority of the anti-establishment younger generation is more at ease and more familiar with the new media compared to the old and the aged. The younger generation knows the trade, while the old still clings to the traditional media - outdated and obsolete. Well! People use to say tradition dies hard

The old should take the cue from the present new media trend. What happened to Egypt and Tunisia and currently Yemen, Syria, Baharain and Saudi Arabia must not be ignored and discounted. And beware of Sarawak's State election this 16 April 2011. Once again, make no mistake and do not underestimate the power of the new media, especially the facebook and twitter. Presumably the battle line should have been drawn up in the coming Sarawak Election

Monday, 21 March 2011


Kassim Ahmad

After Iraq’s illegal invasion in 2003, this is the second time that the Western neo-colonialists launched a new adventure in a Muslim counrty, Libya. They already have two wars on their hands in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they want to have another. The reason: to prevent the Libyan leader, Muammar Gadaffi, from killing his own people, prohibited under the Universal Deaclaration of Human Rights.
The U.N. Security Council, which passed this resolution, was not unanimous, with two Permanent Members, Russia and China, abstaining. Significantly, the U.S. Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, strongly advised against this “No fly-zone resolution”. Also significantly, it was the British and French draft that the Security Council discussed and voted on. It is well-known that the British are past masters all colonialist manipulation. They manipulated the Americans to come to their aid against the Germans in World War II. They manipulated the so-called Cold war. They over-played their hands in the Suez crisis and were eased out of the colonial game by the now-eager Americans. Unrepentent, they are at it again now!
(Boleh baca selanjutnya dalam blog http://kassimahmad.blogspot.com bertarikh 20 Mac 2011).

Yang menghairankan Negara-negara Arab mempunyai kuasa Petrodollar dan semangat kebangsaannya yang cukup tebal. Tetapi negara-negara ini masih gagal melihat agenda Barat yang diketuai Inggeris, Peranchis dan Amerika. Menambah masalah ialah kekayaan petrodollar negara-negara Arab ini kebanyakannya disimpan di negara-negara Barat, terutama di Amerika Syarikat.

Apakah mereka masih lagi mempercayai tiga negara Barat ini setelah melihat apa yng terjadi dengan Husni Mubarak di Mesir dan di Tunisia? Dan apakah dunia hari ini berada dalam genggaman 15 negara yang menganggotai Majlis Keselamatan PBB sahaja dengan lima kuasa veto, dua daripadanya Amerika dan Inggeris?

Atau sememangnya dunia sudah termakan dengan "mulut manis" bekas-bekas penakluk ini bahawa dunia mesti dibebaskan atas nama demokrasi dan "human rights".
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Special Interview Session with Malaysian Personalities, 2007

Special Interview Session with Malaysian Personalities, 2007
With Tan Sri Dol Ramli, Ex-Director General (RTM) at his residence, Bukit Ampang, KL..

Interview Session with Malaysian Personalities, 2007

Interview Session with Malaysian Personalities, 2007
Sharing a light moment with Tun salleh Abbas at his residence in Kuala Lumpur.


Dato' Dr. Firdaus Abdullah chairing the session, with Dr. Sulaiman Masri (extreme right) and Haji Jajuli Abd. Rahman (second from right).