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Saturday, 22 December 2012


The Mayan prophecy of the Doomsday

Nobody with the right frame of mind would have taken it seriously. Particularly so when you call yourself a Muslim. Or for that matter a Malay. We, Muslims, adhere to the Surah in the Holy Quran and the general interpretation is that it is still a long way to go before we could see any real evidence that the world is coming to an end. 

Anyway don't bother to even think about it. We should go on our daily routine. As what this lady journalist has been doing all along. She writes her piece with her family background. She knew that everyone is still kicking. Her parents would have known better , being devout Muslims themselves. I presume the parents would be very proud of their young daughter having her own creative imagination to give a simplistic account of the event that was not to be. Never mind whether the article written was on her own accord or assigned by her superior. 
NB: This lady journalist is married to a Dutch convert. 

Mr. Firdaus de Booij helping himself  the  Malay rendang at Aunty Ruby's home in Sg. Buloh

By Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij’s | zuhaila@nstp.com.my

The Mayan prophecy about the end of the world has opened Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij’s eyes to the things she takes for granted

THE alarm on my phone is quacking annoyingly. I should’ve changed the phone’s alarm tone, I think to myself. I can barely open my eyes but I can see the sun through my window. I reach out for the phone and turn off the alarm. Dec 22, 2012 appears on the screen. Hey, I survived the end of the world!


Still in bed, it occurs to me that the doomsday preppers must be feeling very miserable today. Despite not believing in the prophecy, an inner voice keeps nagging me, “What if? What if the end of the world had really taken place?” I would have been extra miserable as I was all alone yesterday.

My husband had gone out-station and I spent the day with the cats in front of the TV. I was relaxing on the couch with Fluffy sitting on my chest. I said to her, “It’s just you and me now” and she answered with the gentlest meow ever. 
The end of the world may one day be inevitable. But no one should go through it alone.

Today, I feel so blessed to be given another day to live. I turn around on my bed and see my husband’s face next to me. He returned at midnight, safe and sound.

Staring at my sleeping husband, I feel like I love him even more today. Selena Gomez’s song, I Love You Like A Love Song, pops into my mind.
This feeling is weird. If the world really had ended, I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore. The feeling of my guts twisting suddenly hits me.

All of a sudden, I’m filled with guilt. The time I should have spent with my husband would have been wasted for no reason. I always think that right is right and wrong is wrong. Rules must be followed, there’s nothing in between. When he shaves and leaves remnants of his moustache lying around the sink, I usually make a big deal of it. But I forget the times when he had to take out my hair from the bath tub. He never complains. He is bald (by choice), so any hair is mine.

Whenever I have issues at the workplace he is my loyal listener. I remember the days when I felt like giving up and he reminded me of my passion for this work. Whenever I am discouraged and complain non-stop, he listens. Sometimes, I scold him for just saying “Ahuh..ahuh”. I often forget that not many people are willing to spend their time and energy listening to another person’s problems.

I try recalling when he complained about his work to me but there are none.
Working in this line, the hours are unpredictable. Sometimes, I have to work at home. And whenever I do this, he would bring me a cup of Earl Grey tea. But me? No... I Google for the latest designer handbags when he has to be in front of the computer doing his work at home. Not forgetting “that time” of the month when everything seems to be wrong. Unfortunately, he is the only one at home for me to be irritated with. He bears with this anyway. I often tell him that he doesn’t understand what women go through when our crazy hormones take over. But we all know that this is just an exploitation technique to make men bear with us no matter what. What have I become? Am I spoilt? This sense of guilt is no good and the situation must be repaired as soon as possible. 


Sometimes the things that we take for granted are the things that are very close to us. How true this is. Now that the end of the world has not happened, I feel lucky to see another day. Time seems more precious today. After having had to spend the Apocalypse alone, my outlook on my relationship with my husband has broadened.

From this moment onwards, I will not make a fuss about the little details and appreciate my time on Earth with the love of my life. He treats me well and he provides for the home. He’s a one woman man (I sure hope so!) and he is kind to my family. He respects my friends too. What else can I ask for? I am blessed. As I push away the comforter from my body, a tiny sensation runs through my veins. Today, I will treat my husband better. No more nagging about the hair all over the sink. I can just take a sheet of toilet paper and clean it. No more complaining about something that he can do nothing about. It is time to be better at the relationship and be happy. Because of this, I would like to thank the Mayans for the idea for the end of the world. I would not have changed my attitude had it not been for the prophecy.

Filled with good feelings, I head for the bathroom. Suddenly, my face warms up at the sight of the upright toilet seat. No problemo. I can do this. It’s not the end of the world, so go out and spend time with your loved one. (New Straits Times, 22 December 2012)


  1. Ahmad Fadzil Yassin: The prophecy, way out way out of as predicted. Go to Islamic prophecy for a better and accurate prediction as envisaged in the Holy Quran.
    5 hours ago · Like

    Zuhaila Akmar Yup uncle. It's a tongue in chic piece my editor asked to write. Just for fun je:) i dont believe in the prophecy whatsoever:)
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like

  2. Izanul Ahmad Fadzil22 December 2012 at 20:54

    Am more anxious to celebrate my birthday, never crossed my mind to this mayan nonsense! Enjoy life n be greatful to Him for what you have. Alhamdulillah.


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